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The Recovery

The Recovery

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Parker Drew has led a semi-charmed life, for the most part, and now has her sights set on attaining notoriety in a sport where women who look like her are few and far between. Rebuilding her life in a new city and old friends, she takes a job in the household of Kelly Steward—a widower and father of three who was in desperate need of supplemental care for his brood.

As the live-in nanny in the Steward house, it was inevitable that Parker’s work and personal lives got blurred in some ways, but she never saw herself crossing the line with her employer. Kelly never saw her coming, but quickly determines that Parker's place in the Steward family's life is one of value that he doesn't want to put in jeopardy. As she works to establish herself in both personal and professional settings, Parker is learning how to let go of a lot of things she’s held to be immutable.

As their relationship deepens, Parker and Kelly learn that wanting to see the kids happy and healthy aren’t the only things they have in common and begin a journey toward finding fulfillment in each other.

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