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Run It Back

Run It Back

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Monica + Ty were doing fine with their semi-exclusive, label-less relationship until one of the pair decided those parameters no longer suited their fancy. In “One Mo’ Gin”, we meet them at the point of trying to discover what that means for them going forward and how they can learn from the mistakes of the past to not commit the same faux pas in the future.

Tina’s been on the hunt for her Mr. Right, but keeps coming up on dead ends with duds. Through it all, Jacques has been there to comfort her in more ways than one. Fed up with being relegated to a sideline role, what will happen when the sidekick vies to become the leading man?

A one night stand with a very unique twist comes back to haunt Raquel just as she’s on the mend from a tumultuous breakup. Compounded by her grandmother’s sudden nuptials and recent swearing off of men, one night of passion spent with Eriq comes back to revisit Raquel in present day.

Second chances allow a period of grace, a reckoning with decisions, a clearing of misconceptions—a chance to finally get it right. In this collection of short stories, each couple is gift a rare opportunity to run it back and make a lasting impression.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Before reading Run It Back, it is not necessary, but very helpful to have read the following works by Nicole Falls:
"Pucker Up" which appears in Sparks Fly
Switched at Bid
Then Came You
"32 Bandanas" - a short featured on
Someone Seeking Someone Else

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